Kingpin Cambridge


Virtual Reality


Kingpin’s VRCade offers 2 stations of unmatched Virtual Reality – a totally wireless and exiting experience that cannot be duplicated by in-home consumer virual reality platforms. At Kingpin’s VR you’ll experience the latest VR technology the region has to offer. Choose from a variety of skill levels, games and player modes.

Arcade Credits  (1 game = 30 credits)
$5   22
$10   45
$20   100
$30   200
$50   340
$100 BEST VALUE! 720
$19.95   Unlimited *

*Unlimited card valid for 2 hours of consecutive play. No credit accumulation. Not valid for redemption games.

*All prices plus tax

Check out these videos to see what’s in store for your next visit to Kingpin!

Time Zombies
Drone Storm
Comicon Dubai Recap
Comicon Dubai Recap

Virtual Reality

Drone Storm

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